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Mel Rennison

Before and after with dermo shampoo slowly getting there …my dog is allergic to everything. .so nice to see shiny coat coming back – this was one bath a week for three weeks………. thanks

Julie Growcott

This is Gator my American bulldog, he has a chronic ear problem,one of his ears builds up yeast very quick, it needs looking after and cleaning on a weekly basis if left untreated for more than 2 weeks he ends up with a ear infection, he has not had one since I took him to the vet the first time for this issue because I keep it clean.

Well I decided to give Ear Tar a try, in hopes it would slow down the growth of the yeast in that one ear..listen when I tell you I am not fooling I am very serious, one treatment 6 drops 5 days later no yeast, last night 2 drops and will continue with the 2 drops every 3 days for another week or so..UNBELIEVABLE ! it didn’t slow down the growth it stopped it !! thank you for your hard work and dedication, this product works better than expensive medication from the Vet…. WOW im amazed ! sincerely Kimberlyshane

Steve Cranmer

Ive used 2 of Darrens products both have been brilliant. 1st was ear tar which has worked well on my westies. And the 2nd was a anti mozzy spray for me which has worked better than any of the stuff you buy in camping shops . I can now work in my garden without getting bitten to death by mozzies or whatever eats me when gardening

Mandy Button

(Vitamin E Eye Creme) I have used this eye cream, for  a week now an I can see the difference, brills

Emma Wright

(Rosehip Excema Salve) After trying 4 different creams from the doctors, I had some rosehip salve for my little boy who suffers Eczema and dermatitis, it has worked wonders!! The redness has gone and it’s drying up nicely. Would definitely recommend it to anyone that suffers with skin complaints!

Sal Thomas

(Healing salve) Many thanks, wouldn’t use anything else now.

IIona Hodes

The rosehip stuff is great. Heals broken skin reeeeely fast.

Dee West

Have used several products… all of which I love. Recommend the eye drops, cracked heal balm, thread vein balm and the recently received nappy cream which you only need the smallest amount. Friends are also pleased with wart balm and cold sore solution. Brilliant site, fabulous products. Thank you from a very happy customer

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