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NEW TURKEY Flavour Grain Gluten Free Best ADULT DOG Food 6KG

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NEW TURKEY Flavour Grain Gluten Free Best ADULT DOG Food 6KG

NATURES REPLIES: Natural Healthy Human Grade Veterinary Approved Grain Gluten Rice Free Best ADULT Dog Food Free Run TURKEY in 6Kg Bags. Aids Joints and Bones Mobility Cognitive Function Visual Development Reduces Inflammation Hypoallergenic Pet Foods Nutrition Clean Dog Food Mats & Bowls. Use as Kibble Edibles or Healthy Treats for ALL Breeds and Dog Training. ONLINE FREE FAST DELIVERY

  • HUMAN GRADE: Freshly Prepared to Human Grade Standards Free Run TURKEY from reliable, traceable sources. 50% Turkey - Highly digestible and rich in amino acids, vitamins & minerals, a delicious source of protein.
  • GRAIN, GLUTEN & RICE FREE: Completely grain free so suitable for dogs with grain intolerance. Dogs weren't meant to eat grain!
  • HYPOALLERGENIC: For animals with allergies or sensitivity.
  • FROM FRESH POULTRY: With Selected Vegetables and Herbs Sweet Potato, a complex carbohydrate that is high in B vitamins. Cranberry and Omega 3 an excellent source of EPH & DHA to support cognitive function, visual development and to help reduce inflammation response.
  • VETERINARY APPROVED: No artificial colours or preservatives and only healthy additives.

What if I were about to tell you that you are about to DISCOVER the SECRETS to ultimate PET HEALTH, WELLBEING and LONGEVITY for your growing PUPPY DOG?

Our Free Run Turkey recipe has only the best natural healthy ingredients and is FULL OF MOUTH-WATERING FLAVOURS.

We have combined these great delicious recipes with no artificial colours or preservatives and have included only BENEFICIAL ADDITIVES to aid young growing dogs, pointers, retrievers, setters and spaniels plus other breeds of working sporting dogs and dogs in training.

Our pet food range helps keep your pet free from common ailments and aids the development of Strong Joints, Joint Repair, Mobility, Cognitive Function, Visual Development and Reduces Inflammation. Hypoallergenic Pet Foods for Clean Nutrition.

Our complete pet foods will help enhance the health of all breeds of all ages with the added benefit of GLOSSY COAT, FRESH BREATH and FIRM STOOLS, together with aiding to INCREASE ENERGY LEVELS and ALERTNESS, keeping Instincts Sharp for continuing LONGEVITY.

Natures Replies GLUTEN FREE, RICE FREE and GRAIN FREE natural pet foods have each been specifically designed with your furry friends in mind!

All natural pet foods made from 100% Fresh Meat, Fish or Poultry and Juicy Vegetables and full of vitamins and minerals that your pet needs to stay strong and healthy thus keeping clean mats and bowls No Mess!

All our 6kg Bags are Recyclable and Biodegradable so you are also helping the environment.


A DONATION to a NO KILL, NEVER TURN AWAY Shelter with every purchase.

All of our CBD products contain 0.2% or less THC