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Canine Lupus/Winter Nose

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Canine Lupus/Winter Nose

Canine Lupus aka Collie Nose /  aka Winter Nose

‘Collie nose’ is used to describe a condition in which breeds with little or no pigment on their face develop lesions, usually on the nose, eyelids, and lips. The lesions are caused by a hypersensitivity to sunlight. Despite the term ‘Collie nose,’ breeds other than Collies can also be affected, especially Shetland Sheepdogs.

This is a Two part Treatment, comprising of:-

A) A cream for the nose (100g)

B) A Tincture for the internal treatment 50 (ml)

Feedback – I ordered some of the Collie nose treatment for my Rough Collie who has had a terrible collie nose condition for two years.   She has been under the vet who is at a loss, and has been on steroids for 12 months.  It was getting so bad, she had lost the hair on her nose right up to her eyes. The poor girl was so miserable, we had thought she may have to have her put to sleep to end her misery.  We have just finished one course of this treatment and the improvement is remarkable, no more scabs, and the hair is growing back really well, we have also reduced her steroids by half.   The difference in her condition and her overall well being is amazing, she is a totally different dog and is playing again with the other dogs.   Thank you

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